What is the process of getting a dental bridge like?

The entire process requires at least 2 visits to complete, and a number of follow up visits to the dentist's office.

In the first visit, the dentist first identifies the shade of your teeth using a shade guide, in order to select the right shade for your bridge. Then, the adjacent teeth are cleaned and prepared. A small area is trimmed away from each adjacent tooth on order to accommodate the crown that will be placed over it. Next, the dentist uses putty and obtains an impression of the teeth and the gap. This mould will be used to manufacture your crowns and pontic in the laboratory. The dentist then fixes a temporary bridge to protect the gums and teeth which are exposed.

In the second visit, which can be from 3-10 days after the first visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is affixed. It is fitted, checked for bite and proper fit, re-adjusted accordingly, and fixed in place with dental cement. This cementing is usually temporary, to allow for re-adjustments in the follow-up visits.

Many more follow up visits may be required to re-check and make small adjustments according to the fit and the bite. The cementing may be made permanent after several visits and may take several weeks.

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